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Welcome to Flight Test New Zealand

Flight Test New Zealand is New Zealand’s largest pilot checking organisation serving pilots, training and aviation organisations since 1998, but can trace is origins back to 1992.  We are dedicated to flight testing of pilots.

Flight Simulator

Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand sets the standards required of pilots and we are delegated with ensuring pilots meet these. We achieve this by using the experience and knowledge of examiners with backgrounds in airline and general aviation environments to assess pilots in a stress free environment. We gain satisfaction from imparting our aviation knowledge, so providing you meet the required standard, you pass the test and in addition you gain from our collective knowledge.

Drones or UAV 

Flight Test NZ provides RPAS Pilot Certificates, Part 102 operations manuals and drone training. 


Specialised Training

Flight Test New Zealand provides specialised training courses on regular basis for Instructional Techniques, Flight Examiner,  


IFR Simulator training is available using our Beechcraft turboprop flight simulator based at Ardmore Flying School facility. Basic IFR training simulators are available at Mainland Air, Dunedin and NZ Aviation, Matamata. 

Check out the TP100 basic IFR trainer at Sim Flight NZ.