Drone Training On Line Now Available

Great news. You can still complete drone training on line from our Drone Trust e-learning courses. Now is the time to make use of the next few weeks while we are in lock down. Click on the Drone button from our home page to access more information on these 101 and 102 courses or contact

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COVID -19 Update

In accordance with Government lock down directives with the exception of on line drone training  e-learning courses, Flight Test NZ has ceased conducting all flight assessments, classroom courses,  and simulator training.   As more information is available we will update this post on resumption of operations. We also refer you to our post on CAA extensions

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CAA Expiry Date Extensions Updated

CAA have announced extensions to  competency checks, medicals, SMS and certificates. From their press release dated 26 March the following relief applies: If you have upcoming currency requirements, flight reviews, proficiency checks, or training and checking requirements, an exemption will be issued extending the period within which these checks and reviews must be completed by

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