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Each flight assessment is to be carried out by a Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand qualified Flight Examiner to the following terms and conditions. 

The aircraft shall be:

  1.  Airworthy, fueled and equipped for the planned flight.
  2.  Have a valid Certificate of Airworthiness and Release to Service.
  3.  Insured for the type of activity and to absolve the Flight Examiner and Flight Test NZ Ltd of liability in the event of aircraft, personnel and third party damage, other than in the case of negligence of Flight Test NZ Ltd or its Flight Examiner(s).
  4.  Fitted with fully functional dual controls and equipped with a suitable means of communication between candidate and Flight Examiner.
  5.  Fitted with instrumentation essential for the flight and the planned flight rules. These are to be visible to the examiner without excessive parallax error. (the Flight Examiner will determine the interpretation of excessive).
  • Except for circumstances allowed within Civil Aviation Rules where the Flight Examiner takes control, the Candidate is the Pilot in Command
  • Candidate and Flight Examiner are to be rated on the aircraft, appropriately licenced and unless provided for within Civil Aviation Rules, have a valid medical.
  • Training courses shall be conducted by a company and, where applicable, a CAA approved instructor.

Flight Assessments

  • When conducting competency check(s) the Flight Examiner shall have access to operational manual(s) and training records of the candidate as required.
  • Prior to the check the Flight Examiner will brief the candidate of the format of the test.
  • Upon completion of each test a debriefing will be conducted.
  • The candidate, their employer or instructor (as applicable) will be advised of the result of the check and any limitations imposed.
  • Standards shall be in accordance with Flight Examiner Guides as published by the Civil Aviation Authority of NZ, or in accordance with the organisations procedures of the candidate being assessed. In the absence of suitable standards Civil Aviation Authority of NZ Flight Examiner Guides shall apply. 
  • Candidates log book will be annotated identifying that the test was successfully completed.
  • Test forms will be made available to the Candidate and Employer.
  • Should the Candidate fail the test, the Flight Examiner will debrief the candidate, and  the employer or instructor ( as applicable) and reschedule a new test date.