Flight Testing

Flight Test NZ is certified by CAA of NZ to conduct pilot checking throughout New Zealand for:

  • Instrument rating continued competence
  • Endorsement removal for additional navigation aids, multi engine instrument rating
  • ILS issue at  North Shore based simulator – save time and aircraft costs
  • Private pilot licence issue  – aeroplane and helicopter
  • Instructor rating continued competence for B and C category instructors  -aeroplane and helicopter
  • Instructor rating additional privileges – aerobatic, night, terrain awareness, mountain flying and spinning
  • Aerobatic rating issue and continued competence
  • GNSS rating issue and continued competence
  • IFR and/or VFR operational competency checks  for Part 115, 135 and 125  organisations
  • Special purpose operational competency checks for ski and float planes
  • Operational colour vision assessment
  • Drone Part 102 certificate issue and operational competency
  • Drone Part 101 certificate issue

General Aviation and Airline Flight Examiners

Warrick Bleakley Kerikeri Graham Leach Wairarapa
John Punshon North Shore Alistair Matthews Blenheim
Daryl Gillett North Shore Kevin Wilkey Blenheim
John Gemmell Auckland Willie Sage Westcoast
Shitong Liu Auckland Rob Hunt (H) Murchison
Phil Welcome Auckland Tom Ashton Nelson
Rob Anderson (H) Auckland Mark Woodhouse Nelson
Peter Oberschneider Auckland Julie Vaughan Christchurch
Mike Foster Auckland Richard Button Christchurch
Jason Drake Auckland Quentin Hulse (H) Christchurch
Rachael Butler  (H) Auckland Philip Kean Dunedin
Roger Cruickshank Hamilton Jordan Kean Dunedin
Guy Brooking Hamilton David Harrison Dunedin
Ross Crawford Tauranga Carlton Campbell Queenstown
James Churchward Tauranga James Stokes Queenstown
Gavin Miller Gisborne Ivan Krippner Te Anau
David Horsburgh Taupo Peter Hendriks Wanaka
Brenton Knight Wanganui
James Hillson Wellington
Dan Thompson Wellington

Robinson Safety Awareness Training

Roy Crane North Shore Rob Hunt Murchison
Rob Anderson Auckland Flint Horne Rangiora
Rachael Butler Auckland Quentin Hulse Christchurch

RPAS (Drone) Examiners

Andrew Underwood Auckland Jonathan Lopardo Nelson
Jonathan Kubiak Auckland Bevan Lewell Christchurch
Kim Clarke Tauranga Jesse Lindsay Christchurch
Tony Krzyzewski Hastings Ivan Krippner Te Anau
Ryan Groves Wellington Salmen Chand Suva