Flight Testing Fees

  • All fees are in $NZD, and include GST.
  • A 3% fee applies to credit card payments.
  • A failed flight assessment will incur another fee for re-sit assessment.
  • Fees are effective from 01 Mar 2021 and may be amended  at the discretion of Flight Test New Zealand Ltd.
Individual Assessment Fee
Additional Privileges ILS, GPS, ME endorsement $678.50
Aerobatic Rating Issue and Continued Competency $477.25
B or C Cat Instructor Rating Continued Competency $621.00
Biennial Flight Review $477.25
Helicopter FCCC $621.00
IFR Operational Competency Assessment Part 125/135 $678.50
Instrument Rating Continued Competency $678.50
Operational Colour Vision Assessment Day or Night (each) $621.00
Private Pilot Licence Issue (A) or (H) $621.00
Robinson Safety Awareness Training $621.00
RPAS Part 102 Operational Competency Assessment $529.00
RPAS Part 101/102 Certificate Issue Re-test $431.25
VFR Operational Competency Assessment Part 115/125/135 $621.00
Combination Assessments*
Instrument Rating Continued Competency + Remove Limitations Assessment $810.75
Instrument Rating Continued Competency + IFR Operational Competency Assessment $810.75
Multi Engine & Single Engine Operational Competency Assessment Part 125/135 $810.75
VFR & IFR Operational Competency Assessment Part 125/135 $810.75
VFR OCA/Instructor B or C Cat Continued Competency Assessment $810.75
Training and Courses
Additional Training per hour $149.50
Examiner Training Course $1046.50
Instructional Techniques Course (4 days) $1104.00

* Combination assessments shall be conducted on the same day; otherwise individual assessment fees apply.


Expenses associated with travel to/from place of assessment are in addition to the above fees.

Payment terms

Assessments:  Payment in full on the day of assessment unless other arrangements have been agreed to prior to the assessment.

Courses: Payment 10 days prior to the course commencing.

Assessment forms, log book labels, course certificates may be withheld pending payment.

Unpaid fees may incur debt collection costs in addition to the fee.

Fees may be amended with 30 days notice at the discretion of Flight Test NZ Ltd.

Payment for Flight Test

Direct Credit / Internet Banking

Please make your payment to: Westpac Bank
Including your Name and Invoice # as a reference.

Account: Flight Test New Zealand
Number: 03 0855 0340780 000

Online DPS PaymentExpress

Enter information on this form to make a payment to Flight Test New Zealand Ltd. Please fill in the amount to be paid as per your invoice or instruction from Flight Test New Zealand.
A 3% surcharge will be automatically added to the Total Payable for all Credit Card payments. Thank you.

  • A 3% fee applies to credit card payments. Alternatively, to avoid this fee, payment can be made by direct credit or internet banking.
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