Flight Testing Fees

  • All fees are in $NZD, and include GST.
  • A 3% fee applies to credit card payments.
  • Payment is required on, or prior to, the day for all flight assessments and  10 days prior to all courses unless an alternative arrangement is in place.
  • Course cancellations may incur 30% fee if cancelled within 10 days, and 100% fee forfeiture if no-show on day.
  • A failed flight assessment will incur another fee for re-sit assessment.
  • Fees are effective from 01 May 2017 and may be amended  at the discretion of Flight Test New Zealand Ltd.
Individual flight assessments Fee
VFR Operational Competency Assessment $563.50
IFR Operational Competency Assessment $615.25
Helicopter Operational Competency Assessment $563.50
Private Pilot Licence issue $563.50
Instructor Rating Continued Competency or Additional Privileges $563.50
Instrument Rating Continued Competency $615.25
Additional privileges – ILS, GNSS, NDB $615.25
Additional privileges – Multi engine removal I/R $615.25
Aerobatic Rating issue / renewal $431.25
BFR $431.25
RPAS Part 102 Operational Competency $414.00
Operational Colour Vision Assessment day or night $563.50
Combination Flight Assessments*
IFR and VFR Operational Competency Assessment $736.00
IFR OCA and Instrument Rating renewal $736.00
Multi Engine and Single Engine OCA (IFR or VFR) $736.00
VFR  OCA plus Instructor Rating Continued Comp. $736.00
Instrument Rating Continued Competency and Additional Aid $736.00
Additional Training per/hour $149.50
* When combining assessments, the second assessment shall be completed on the same day, otherwise individual fees apply.

Expenses associated with travel and accommodation to/from place of assessment are in addition to the above fees.

Training and Courses
Instructional Techniques 4 days $998.20
Examiner Training 1 day $1046.50
RPAS Pilot Certificate   (1) go to DroneTrust.app for online course fees.       (2) Contact us for groups.

Payment for Flight Test

Direct Credit / Internet Banking

Please make your payment to: Westpac Bank
Including your Name and Invoice # as a reference.

Account: Flight Test New Zealand
Number: 03 0855 0340780 000

Online DPS PaymentExpress

Enter information on this form to make a payment to Flight Test New Zealand Ltd. Please fill in the amount to be paid as per your invoice or instruction from Flight Test New Zealand.
A 3% surcharge will be automatically added to the Total Payable for all Credit Card payments. Thank you.

  • A 3% fee applies to credit card payments. Alternatively, to avoid this fee, payment can be made by direct credit or internet banking.
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